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Film Festival Representation

VFC offers representation services for filmmakers seeking to send their FEATURES, SHORTS, or DOCUMENTARY films to international festivals 


With a combination of filmmaking experience and insider knowledge of the international film festival circuit, VFC has the expertise to present your film to an international audience in a personal and efficient manner. 

With the growing popularity of niche and cultural film festivals, there is a seemingly infinite number of festivals around the world today. We craft unique creative pitches & application strategies for each film in our care and use our personal networks to send your film to the appropriate markets

Allow us to give your mind peace from the onslaught of festival deadlines by taking care of the all-inclusive representation of your film. 

Kirumi catalogue page, Reel Asian Intl Film Festival 2015 (click to enlarge)

Film festivals are like windows for curious people, like ancient and modern seekers in pursuit of the unknown.
— ADIL HUSSAIN, national award winning ACTOR