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Subtitling / Translation

Aandavan Kattalai, 2016

Aandavan Kattalai, 2016

For the wider section of the audience, outside of the native fraternity, subtitles are the bridge between conventional Indian movie goers and new ones.

Properly translated scripts and other documents in multiple languages are also becoming increasingly imperative to do business in today’s global film industry, as multiple languages are often spoken in one film team.


  • SUBTITLES for Short and Feature length films

  • TRANSLATION of scripts, screenplays, and other documents

Language is an art, and noticing a need for production studios and directors to have access to a greater number of artists in the field, VFC offers affordable subtitling and translation services via a network of freelancers proficient in English and in several Indian languages, including:

  • Tamil

  • Telugu

  • Malayalam

  • Kannada

As more people discover an interest for South Asian cinema it becomes even more important that your film can reach them via subtitles that accurately convey the beauty of the original dialogue without distracting from the visuals before them.

VFC’s management and global network of subtitlists with high English language proficiency skills will ensure the dialogues of your film are translated without losing their meaning.