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why choose vfc


Whether you are coming to VFC for festival representation, subtitling, translation, or pre-production and/or marketing needs for your film, professional and courteous service will always be provided.

personal service

VFC’s Managing Director, Dilani Rabindran, applies her attention to detail to personally ensure the quality of the marketing pieces produced to promote your film, as well as to ensure items are delivered and strategies executed according to deadlines.

She also reviews all English subtitles and translations done by freelancers for quality assurance before delivery to clients.

Dilani Rabindran, in a meeting with Padma Bhushan Kamal Haasan to discuss international co-productions between India & Canada

It’s a privilege for any filmmaker to showcase their films on an international platform. You know the taste of your country, of your people, but festivals give you a chance to go beyond your own boundaries.
— Sarjun KM, Short filmmaker


VFC especially prides itself on financial accountability where customers can feel confident that their budgets are being put to effective use to help deliver their films to larger international audiences and/or to help them connect with the appropriate collaborators.

Furthermore, confidentiality is of utmost importance to VFC. All levels of the company feel personally motivated and are contractually obliged to protect the ideas, works, and plans of its clients. 

It’s important for Indian films to stay competitive with world cinema, and selection in film festivals helps to secure a place for Indian filmmakers on the global scene
— Dayal Padmanabhan, director ‘Haggada Kone’